Bliss Bingo

Our annual Spring Yoga Challenge is back!! 

Get ready for the Bliss Spring Yoga Challenge this March with a fun twist!  As we do each spring at Bliss, we build a habit of consistency, and allow all the benefits of a regular yoga practice to be highlighted.  And there are so many benefits!  Feeling better in our body, stronger, more mobile, and balanced.  We sleep better, and have more awareness around our habits and patterns, and live in the empowerment that we can create better ones. Our minds are more steady and experience inner calm, we can regulate stress more easily... the list goes on!

This year, we’re opening up the challenge beyond just yoga, to each household with our Bliss BINGO – participate in diverse classes, connect with our community online, and complete fun activities for a chance to win a $250 Bliss account credit*.

And if BINGO isn’t for you, simply completing the 15 classes will earn you a book of over $200 in savings and a Bliss goodie bag. Use any class pass for this challenge at no extra cost

Join us to rejuvenate your body and mind this spring!

* For Yoga BINGO, please bring your BINGO card to the front desk to stamp once a square is completed. Each card is subject to validation and needs to be submitted to the front desk by April 2.  All class passes can be used for the challenge, there is no additional cost.

Bliss Bingo