Personalized Private, Corporate & Team Yoga Classes at Bliss

Bliss is excited to announce that we are expanding our offering of private yoga sessions!  We offer specialized and supportive one-on-one private yoga classes, and now extend these offerings to private groups, sports teams, schools and businesses.  These specialty classes are available both online via live stream and in studio. 
Private yoga offers many benefits.  Classes can be completely personalized for your needs, from preference of class style, level of practice, room temperature, and teacher.  We’ll even honor requests for specific poses or areas of practice to work on during your session.  It can be a great way to deepen your understanding, refine your alignment, or build towards more advanced movements like inverting or hand balancing.  
Private yoga is also the recommended place to start, or return to a yoga practice after an injury, surgery or other physically limiting situations.  To be in conversation with the teacher, consistently checking in with you to see how your body is responding to the practice, to offer modifications when needed, and to discover what feels good and which poses could offer you the greatest benefit. 
*It is always recommended to get permission from a doctor before starting any physical activity, especially when recovering from an injury or surgery.    
-------------We can personalize for private group classes as well!-------------------
We can create family yoga experiences, or stag/stagette parties, offering whatever it is you are looking for. Something fun and light, grounding and stress relieving, or connecting and intimate.  
For sports teams and schools, we can offer teachings that will benefit your group the most.  From building mental focus and concentration, managing anxiety, connecting mind to body, or targeting specific areas of the body and practicing postures that will best compliment your sport.    
Corporate Yoga is being adopted more and more frequently by many businesses both big and small, as there are so many benefits in adding yoga into your corporate wellness program.  On an individual level, it can teach us to better manage our stress, increase positivity and productivity, while relieving body tension from repetitive movements in the workplace, or sitting at desks for long periods of time.  For the collective, practicing together can be a great way to team build, create an ease of dynamics in collaborative projects & in turn a better workplace environment for all.  
-------------Plan a field trip to Bliss MediSpa and experience these benefits for yourself-------------

Availability for private one-on-one and group classes are:

  • Monday to Saturdays - 7-8:30 am and 12-4:30 pm
  • Sunday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Specialized Private Yoga Pricing

In Studio Private Yoga

75 minute practice - $125+tax
60 minute practice - $100+tax
45 minute practice - $75+tax

Includes use of our change rooms, amenities, yoga lounge, filtered water, complimentary herbal tea, room rental, teacher, & a personalized yoga class for one student; additional students are $20/person, up to six students max.

Private Group Classes and Corporate Classes (for 6 students) - $200

Includes use of our change rooms, amenities, yoga lounge, filtered water, complimentary herbal tea, room rental, teacher, & a personalized yoga class for a group of 6, or more; additional students are $15/person, up to 32 students max.