"Thank you" so much for the wonderful time I had at Bliss last week with your Babor Event! I learnt so much from your knowledgeable staff and even managed to have a lovely facial!

Everything about the Event was fabulous! The Babor Rep. so kindly spoke to us women about the great products you carry and how we could use them to our benefit.

The delicious food and the wine brought the event to a higher level of enjoyment which was so kind and generous of you girls!

The gift bags were like icing on a cake with a cherry on top...... products to be able to carry on what we had learnt in keeping our skin healthy and beautiful.

With the crazy busy lifestyles that most of us are caught up in, Bliss has come through once again, offering an oasis of stress relief and enjoyment through facials, self care teaching, massages and yoga.

Your Yoga workshop/Reiki event was a great evening as well that I thoroughly enjoyed! You are the best!
-LC via email

From the lovely ladies at the front when they greet you and know you by name, to all the awesome yoga instructors that teach from the heart and are very passionate in what they do, and also the smiling ladies that keep this wondrous yoga/spa retreat clean and smelling fresh. I have been attending Lindsey’s classes when ever I can. She is an outstanding teacher and is really knowledgeable about yoga and the effects on the body... I am amazed at how positive and self assuring I have become over time, and am truly grateful for how my overall health has improved. Keep up the great work BLISS
-JR via Facebook 
Fabulous massage with Emily @blissyogaspa. thanks for looking after me  
-VD via Twitter

Bought my wife a 1/2 day spa package for her birthday, and her experience was second to none. Best spa in Edmonton

-CK via Twitter

I’ve been to spas across North America & @blissyogaspa is one of the best. Loved my pedicure today. 
-AP via Twitter    

While I had a massage, my wife signed up for a yoga class. What a great experience we both had. We will be back.
-JDM via Yelp

Thank you to Ashlynn & Lindsey for your inspiring class! You are helping me to find a deeper awareness of my body & mind.
-AY via Twitter

Incredible hot power #yoga practice w/Lindsey @blissyogaspa. Challenged us to go the whole day without complaining. Challenge accepted
-BA via Twitter

Will surpass your expectations as a yoga studio or spa. I had a massage from Bliss and by far that remained the best massage I ever had. As for yoga, I tried Moksha and Yogalife as well. The environment, the instructors, the variety and availability of classes all exceed those of the bigger yoga studios. It really lives up to it’s name. Highly recommended.
-DM via Yelp 

Best relaxation massage ever @blissyogaspa Ask for Emily!! And arrive early for your appt. You’ll love the lounge!
-JC via Twitter

Everything about @blissyogaspa is absolutely amazing ❤️ You are all amazing at what you do...Thank you!
-OR via Instagram

The moment your phone chimes to remind you you have a @blissyogaspa appt today! After being up all night with a sick kiddo I can’t wait!
-AS via Twitter

So grateful for Bliss...for so many reasons! My life path has taken a beautiful turn through time spent in my mat at Bliss!
-KE via Instagram

@blissyogaspa Bliss is such a big part of my life... It’s part of my daily rituals.. Keeps me grounded and centered! Thank you and I am grateful!!
-J via Instagram

I’ve done one class so far and have a few more this week. The girls at the front were really helpful with accomodating us. The class is the perfect size and the class rooms are really clean. The establishment overall is a 10 star rating. Look forward to the rest of my classes.
-SF via email

I finally found a yoga place to call home. The environment is warm and friendly. The staff are courteous. The room is not disgusting hot where you get heat stroke, and there is even a place to clean your mats!
At first their pricing seems really high but once your experience the quality it is totally worth it 
-OW via Facebook

Will surpass your expectations as a yoga studio or spa. I had a massage from Bliss and by far that remained the best massage I ever had. As for yoga, I tried Moksha and Yogalife as well. The environment, the instructors, the variety and availability of classes all exceed those of the bigger yoga studios. It really lives up to it’s name. Highly recommended.
-DM via Yelp

I have been going to bliss since its preopening. It’s a beautiful clean studio. Lots of attention to detail, everything you need to shower after class or service. Cold lemon grass towel for eyes after class is so perfect. They give you a comfortable amount of room to practice. Unlike a lot of hot studios where they put as many people as possible in and then end up touching sweaty strangers. The light up paintings on the wall are beautiful and very zen. The services  at the spa are great as well but $$$$ so as much as I would like to go every week that has to be stretched out. Wish the ladies change-room/shower area was bigger... Lots of very fun loving staff! Laura is m favorite, so happy and caring. Bavnah is my favorite yoga teacher, an if you want a great massage Josefina is wonderful
-JM via Yelp

Just had the best massage at Bliss MediSpa. Can’t wait for my next one in January.
-AT via Facebook

I feel much less chubby and a lot more bendy thanks to @blissyogaspa. #Namaste
-LC via Twitter

Wow!! Josh @SchoShow! That power #yoga practice @blissyogaspa was CRAZY AWESOME!!! Thank you!
-BA via Twitter

There are few things more relaxing than a facial from @blissyogaspa. Heavenly. #yeg
-RA via Twitter

I had the best massage in my life by Megan yesterday and I have been raving about it to my friends. I was also wowed by the facilities and the little touches (choice of teas, the change room, the relaxing lounge with the fireplace, etc). She has an amazing energy about her and I haven’t felt this pain-free in years. Keep up the excellent work!
-DM via email

I recently attended your blissful hips class for the first time and it was fantastic!
-AL via email

I had a fabulous experience and hot stone massage with Kim from
@blissyogaspa. From beginning to end it was exactly what I needed. Thanks
-JZ via Instagram

It’s a very lovely and clean facility. The yoga studio has a nice layout that allows each mat to be evenly placed using markers on the floor. I love the wall mural that lights up.
-ML via Facebook

As close to perfection as possible!  A beautiful environment, professional employees, service/product excellence.  Since moving to Edmonton Bliss has become my go to for spa services, and have had excellent experiences with massage, spray tan, manicure and pedicure.  My girlfriend drives up to Bliss approx 1.5 each way to have her laser hair removal service performed as well as massage, mani and pedi when she is here.

And to top it off I save 10% with my AMA membership on individual spa services. Doesn’t get any better.
-CW, via Yelp

Bliss MediSpa, where have you been all my life?
I signed up for the 2 week all you can go pass (1 class a day for 2 weeks $50) and walked in today with high hopes and a new yoga mat....
The instructor April, was professional and helpful all the way through, which was great for a Yoga noob like me.  There are 31 spots in the class, all of them except for 1 was taken, so I would definitely recommend pre-booking if there is a particular class you want...

As a person who spends a lot of time in the weight room, here’s what I would say. Yoga was a great addition , it allowed you to add an endurance element to your weight training, and the stretches will add flexibility. I felt my core getting hit, and lots of my supporting muscles.
(If you’re going to use this as a workout out, I’d replace a full body day or a cardio day)

At the end of the class I was drenched in sweat and was loving my fresh cold lemon grass scented hand towel that they gave my squishy stretched out self as I lay on the mat...
Ample parking around, a great experience and a complimentary tea bar makes this a Blissful Experience worth doing again.
-SC via Yelp

I recently had a full spa day at Bliss and want to say THANK YOU!

My husband gave me a gift certificate to the spa and was hopeful it would be a nice, relaxing and stress relieving experience. I have been to many spas over the years and have had generally positive experiences. However, my time at Bliss surpassed all those experiences. What made the difference? You welcomed me and made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked through the door. You walked me through what the day would entail and how things worked at the spa. No one asked what service I was waiting for or what the next service was--you knew the itinerary and kept everything moving along.

It was seamless all the way through with the massage therapist stating she’d check on my lunch and ensure my facial was set up and ready to go. I felt like everyone knew what was going on so I didn’t have to--which made it truly relaxing--you took care of me every step of the way. I also really appreciated the setup of your spa with the privacy curtains between chairs in the lounge and pedicure station. I’m not opposed to being with other people, but its much more relaxing when there’s a bit of separation.

Additionally, the bathroom was very clean and I didn’t mind using the shower because I didn’t fear what was growing on the walls or on the floor. The shampoo, conditioner and soap were high quality and left my skin and hair feeling great. Thanks again for a wonderful experience. Keep up the great service and you will be an exceptionally successful spa in Edmonton. I will definitely return to Bliss MediSpa.
-HF via Email

AMAZING Spa and Yoga Studio!!! Love the facility,the instructors and all the staff!!!
- DSH via Facebook

Good Morning FB Friends, I have joined a new yoga studio,Bliss MediSpa.- and I Love it Customer service, classes, and atmosphere are fabulous. Grateful to have 12 ish classes a day to pick from, in a hot, warm or regular temperature room... the list goes on. I am posting this because I know I have lots of yogi friends who may want to give Bliss a try. The Karma day this Saturday - (a fund raising event) would be the perfect day. Namaste my Friends :):)
P.S-I was the only student in class last week, the class was still taught, with a level of excellence and enthusiasm - Thank You April. !!!!!!!! #yegyoga
-WZ via Facebook

Interesting! I don’t normally practice yoga in the evening, preferring to get my spine and body moving in the MORNING. But after a stellar practice, with the lovely Laura at Bliss MediSpa tonight, I’m thinking it’s the perfect way to leave the day behind. I’ll bet I sleep like a baby!

- SB via Facebook

My girlfriend and I came for the day on Saturday. The yoga class and subsequent spa treatments were phenomenal, but want I really wanted to write you about was the high quality and very attentive customer care we received throughout our day. Our requests were honored with ease, the staff kept track of our schedule and whereabouts constantly (so we didn’t have to!), and they were surprisingly flexible to ensure we didn’t feel rushed at any time. This attention took our day from relaxing to heavenly, and is a touch I’ve not experienced at another Canadian spa. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ll be back, and will be sending my friends as well.
-LJ via email

So pleased with the photofacials I had by @blissyogaspa. My skin hasn’t looked this good in about 3 years.
-B via Twitter

I don’t think there’s a more beautiful spa in Edmonton. The staff are beautiful people, inside and out, who always greet you with such warmth and happiness. My fave Edmonton sanctuary :)
-HB via Facebook

Perfect end to my day! #massage#lovemelissa thanks @blissyogaspa
-AC via Twitter

I just want to say that the new instructor you have hired, Brittany, who taught the 7:45 Blissful "Glow" Flow on July 15 was fantastic! I’ve never had a more enjoyable class. She was the perfect combination of challenging and relaxing! I hope she starts teaching more classes at Bliss because she is phenomenal!
-RF via Email

I love Bliss- with their awesome instructors, staff and beautiful facility I was hooked after my first ever yoga experience this past June and having been going to Bliss ever since. Cool scented lemongrass infused towels? Yes please!
-EM via Facebook

Another amazing class at @blissyogaspa. Thank you @seanforchuk
-V via Twitter

Just had to mention that the Bliss app is brilliant! Super handy and saves me so much time :)
- CM via Facebook

From the time we stepped into the door, Jennifer took great care of us. My aesthetician, Sara, was very friendly and outgoing and the pedicure was one of the better ones I’ve had. My massage therapist, Suzy, was also great. Her communication was clear,
concise and informative in a professional, yet friendly way. Her service was really quite good! ... Actually, one of the best spa experiences I’ve had. (And I used to work in the spa industry) The massage beds were unbelievable! And the little touches from the therapist made the experience. From the warm bed, essential oils, hot towels to the awesome scalp massage. I’d go back and that say’s a lot! Thanks!
-DH via email

My boyfriend & I just started coming to Bliss. Greatest first yoga experience ever. And I have to say that we are so impressed with the facility, the staff (instructors and receptionists!) The care and gentle nature of the instructors never feels judgmental and stern like I’ve seen at other yoga studios. I don’t think I’ve ever been this relaxed and we plan on getting memberships right away! Thanks so much.
- RF via email 

I recieved a massage from Megan and my massage was fabulous. I also had a facial with Sara which was unreal. Both girls were welcoming and had the perfect balance of personalism and professionalism. All staff I came into contact with during my services and in between were friendly and helpful. I felt very important thankyou bliss I will return for future treatments and spread the word!
-TD via email

I just wanted again say what a great visit I had to the spa today. Each staff member I encountered was so concerned with my comfort and so friendly. Carly was awesome and it was one of the best spa experiences I’ve had in Edmonton. I will be back!
- KA via email

I went to an event today wearing no makeup! Thanks to the beautiful lashes done at @blissyogaspa!!! LOVE them!!
-MD via Twitter

I loved my massage with Suzy Alcantara. She is an amazing therapist and I also loved all the extra touches like the warm towels and the musical instrument at the end. I love the facilities also. Thanks so much for a great experience.
-CM via email

Thank you so much.  The service and facility are top notch.  My massage was really, really good, and the facial was the best I have ever had.Will definitely be back, and will recommend to others!
-AA via email

Great "glow" flow class this morning with Julie - and to think I didn’t think I had the energy to even get out of bed!! Tks
-KT via twitter

Best massage I’ve ever had, very thorough! Your yoga studio is gorgeous too.I truly had a "blissful" experience and I’m sure I will return on my next visit to Edmonton.
- DK via Email

Most awesome facial @blissyogaspa. That is my idea of spring cleaning!!! Such luxurious environment is icing on the cake.
- AJ via Twitter

Hello, a friend of mine and I attended the spa yesterday for a "blissful afternoon" package and wanted to say thank you for a wonderful experience! Super friendly, professional staff, a fantastic atmosphere. Can’t wait to come back for more!
-OS via email

I recently become a bliss member and fell in love with the studio, spa andstaff. However, my expectations were blown away when I took a Sean F. hot yoga class... He is a powerful teacher and I am so thankful to have met him through your facility. Thank you Bliss. Namaste!
-FD via eMail

Hi guys!! Just HAVE to comment that Julie (sub-ing today) was AWESOME!! What a great class! Everyone was commenting on how great she was after class today. Just had to rave!
- SB from Facebook

This is the best spa I’ve found in Edmonton!  I spent my Bday Sunday there, went for an hour and ended up staying 4 and a 1/2.  I can’t tell enough people about it or say enough great things.  My favourite part of the day was random singing in the hallway from a staff member...that says it all.  Thank you for making my 44th not so painful.
-SO via Yelp

I am in LOVE with Bliss MediSpa in Terwillegar! Had the best warm yoga class, it’s an amazing spot. Highly recommend to try if you like hot yoga!!
- JA from Facebook

Bliss Addict right here!

The staff are friendly and the facilities are amazing! 

The Yoga Side of life:
Bliss is clean, the staff are very knowledgable, and the class sizes are pefect with no over crowding.  The locker rooms are also kept just lovely.  Three showers available in the ladies locker room and they happily provide you with ammedities.  I’ll never yoga elsewhere.

The Spa:
Once again just lovely.. book in with early notice or you’ll be out of luck.  I admit I do find their prices high on the spa side of things... This was confirmed when Manulife wouldn’t cover the full price of an hour massage (Runs around $120.. average at other places is around $80-90/hr)  The massage was lovely - but a little too rich for me - - I’m happy to attend for special occassions though... like next tuesday for my moms birthday - pedicures!!!

-TC via Yelp

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that my skin is LOVING the products that I bought from your spa. The girl who did my facial recommended the Comfort Zone line - I bought the Peel and the Cleanser. After just a few short weeks using the products and peel once per week, my skin has totally changed. I had these annoying little pimples on my cheeks, and along my jaw line and all are now healing or gone. I am very impressed with these products and wanted you to know!
- DL via email

OMG!! What a wonderful spa. Spent Sunday afternoon with a couple of girlfriends having the extreme bliss pedicure and that is exactly what it was. It was so relaxing and our every need was taken care of. We were fortunate enough to be given a tour and ladies and gents you have got to check out this spa, seriously no expense has been spared comfort wise and be prepared to be wowed by the caldarium. If you have not checked out this spa, please do, you will not be dissapointed and we will be back.
- JW via email

What a beautiful place you have. I finally tried out a hot yoga class yesterday and the space is AMAZING! Will definitely be coming back!
  - TT via Facebook

Had my first Laser treatment today and have to say that Karrissa is extremely knowledgeable, very patient and just made this experience for me fantastic. Looking forward to seeing her again in 3 weeks.
-BC via Email

The lemon grass towels ... were such great touches to end our yoga session! The yoga rooms are beautiful and and I love your caldarium. Wonderful place, I would recommend it to anyone!
-MR via Facebook

Thank you Bliss MediSpa for the wonderful morning of treatments :D I will be back soon!
-KS via Facebook

I’m a huge fan of Bliss! Their instructors and yoga studios are amazing! the facilties are my favorite - I’ve dearly missed Bliss since moving to northern Alberta.
-TC via Facebook

Thank you @blissyogaspa for the wonderful massage that my fiancé and I enjoyed! So glad we were on the cancellation list!!
-ES via twitter

Amazing yoga studio, great teachers, clean and beautiful facility
- CA via Facebook

I LOVE BLISS. Your business and services are amazing.... Totally in love with it.  Keep up the great job. 
- MA via email

Amazing yoga studio, great teachers, clean and beautiful facility
- CA via Facebook

Truly it is the small things that separate Bliss MediSpa from the rest of the places I have visited.
- NG via email

Bliss Yoga Spa is amazing! Ambience, serenity, and friendly smiles abound. Thank you to the owners and staff for always making my day when I come.
- SH via Facebook

There is just something about the atmosphere and customer service that helps you relax on a new level. It’s awesome to have huge, clean changerooms and a tea lounge to relax in before and after class. While it’s a little pricier than your average studio, you truly get what you pay for here. It’s like going to the spa when you go for your yoga classes!
- NS via Yelp

This place is by far the best spa in Edmonton. If you want pure luxury go here. All the staff remember you and are so friendly. I have been to many spas in Edmonton but this one just goes above and beyond to make you happy.

Suzy, Carla actually everyone is the best. From the moment you walk in you get greeted at the door with a welcoming smile and they have such a nice clean facility. Just a wonderful place.

Highly recommend Bliss yoga spa!!
-SS via Yelp