Traci Bateman knew what she wanted to contribute from a young age after losing her mother to breast cancer at 14 years old; a lifelong journey of wellness.

 Wellness came in many forms. Pursuing a desire for education she graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in Economics in 1988. She returned to her studies two decades later to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco for Interior Architecture and Design. In 2021 Traci enrolled in the Health Coach Institute’s program for Health and Life Coaching as well as Joel Brown’s Influential Coach Program and Advanced Coaching Certificate. She knew this was her calling - using her experiences and wisdom to help others achieve their best selves.

​Traci’s childhood loss lit a lifelong fire within her of how not to die. Live life. Live it fully. Live for yourself and live for others. Love influenced Traci’s every action, from winning nine club championships on the links, to laying down roots in a new city to be with the love of her life Mike, her two step sons, and two golden doodles, while keeping close contact with her family.

Her current role as a Health and Life coach allows Traci to share her passion and give the support to others that she missed out on in her life. Growing up without a mother shaped every facet of her existence and forced her to learn about life through trial and error.

 Traci is continually in pursuit of healing, for the mind, body and soul. With her extensive business background, life experiences and her acute ability to listen, Traci has an extraordinary capacity to help and heal. She truly believes in what she has put into the world and knows that she is here to hold space for those in need.

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