Kelly started practicing yoga more than 10 years ago as a search for physical fitness and as a means for dealing with the growing stress and pressures of work and life. A thirty day challenge at a local studio evolved quickly into a lifelong passion. As his practice developed, he found that the connection of body, mind and breath brought an unfamiliar calm and ease to his life. Those worries and stresses which used to bother him so much, now seemed trivial and easier to deal with. Yoga provided a missing link, a path which helped him discover immeasurable gifts of patience, understanding, humility and strength, as well as a desire to share the benefits and beauty that this practice can bring.

Kelly felt inspired to dive deeper. In June of 2016, under the tutelage of both Sheena Mason and Lindsey Park he obtained his 200 hour certification, graduating from Bliss MediSpa’s first Anahata Rising Teacher Training. In 2018 obtained his 300hr certification facilitated by the wonderful Heather Ivany and Lindsey Park. Kelly considers himself very lucky to have had such intelligent, passionate and wise mentors and instructors thus far in his yogic journey.

Over the past four years, Kelly has been teaching and exploring a wide variety of modalities as he has looked within to find his own truth and voice as a teacher.  From the powerful moving meditation that is found in Vinyasa and Hot Flows, the deeply meditative power of pranayama, or the stillness and sweet quiet of Restorative yoga, Kelly’s classes are very much connected to the heart. With a unique mix of compassion and intelligence at the core of his teachings, he strives to help others find awareness and peace both physically, mentally and spiritually. Through a deep connection to each breath, each moment of movement or stillness, expect to come from his classes with a sense of peace and ease in both mind and body and a sweet sense of the quiet power that lies within you.

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