My name is Jayda Bernes, I am a holistic nutrition consultant. I took my schooling at CSNN in Vancouver, Kitsilano, receiving my diploma in natural nutrition. I believe that every single individual has unique needs and requirements, I believe that everyone can benefit from taking into account all aspects that may be contributing to their health and wellbeing. My goal as a health practitioner is to support my clients to listen to their own bodies, implement healthy habits and uncover the root cause of their imbalances. 

I am a certified competitive gymnastics coach and former competitive gymnast, I always cared about taking care of my body throughout the years. I now have the privilege of giving that information to my athletes, clients, friends and family members. My passion for the holistic health industry began at a very young age. I remember my three sisters and I, green juicing and taking lemon shots when we had a cold. We were drinking almond milk instead of dairy milk and carrying around heavy glass lunch containers instead of plastic ones. At some points I felt left out from society, now, I couldn’t be more grateful for the insight and wisdom I had at such a young age, leading me to continue asking questions and thinking outside of the box. I am confident in my abilities to embody living a healthy lifestyle and embracing my authenticity. I was always taught to focus on the whole picture in regards to my health and well-being, I am so grateful for the opportunity to offer another path to those who are in need of an alternate option. 

For myself, I have struggled with symptoms of hormone imbalance, chronic fatigue, poor gut health and digestive issues. On paper I looked very healthy, I ate well, slept lots and exercised. I did what I thought would help but it still wasn’t working, because you can be eating as healthy as you can but if your body is too stressed or out of balance to absorb those nutrients, they won’t be doing you any good. I then focused on reducing my stress levels, strengthening my gut and focused on deepening my social connections. After I began making changes within my own life, I started seeing results that lasted and I was able to sustain them long term. Consistency is a vital key to attaining lasting success and I am confident that everyone is capable of achieving it. I believe that the habits we create for ourselves have the power to enhance or harm our health. By looking at where the imbalances may originate from it can change the way I carry out nutritional support and lifestyle changes for the individual client. 

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