We are so pleased to partner with Dr. Dayna Leighton as our Medical Director as we delve into new areas of wellness that complement traditional therapies. With a diverse background including a Nursing Degree, Medical Degree and Master’s Degree in Global Leadership, alongside her many other designations, Dr. Leighton is always looking for ways to help people with the best care possible. She brings her extensive and worldly knowledge to Bliss along with compassion and curiosity. Her approach of whole body therapy is a combination of medical science, selfcare and holistic treatments. This philosophy of care is complemented by her 400 hours of Yoga Teacher Training! To say that Dr Leighton is a brilliant doctor with a well-rounded skill set and keen attention to detail, including a strong focus on safety, is an understatement. We are so lucky to welcome her as a member of our team, and partner in delivering the Bliss MediSpa vision of wellness. Welcome!

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